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Analysis offinal treatment model developed for improvement ofthe Lagoons inthe South Plant, Manfouha WWTP, Riyadh

Client: Ministry of Water and Electricity of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Year of completion: 2007
Industry sector: Municipal Economy
Purpose of equipment: Sanitary wastewater treatment

Manfouha WWTP complex consists of 3 plants. South Plant is the eldest one, it has been in operation for about 20 years. Its design capacity is 200 000 m³/day; process chart is based on conventional solutions with final treatment stage in lagoons and sand filters.

The Trial Unit in Manfouha STP in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
The Trial Unit in Manfouha STP in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In order to prove efficiency of solutions developed by ECOS with the purpose to double the STP capacity twice and to improve the effluent quality, the decision was made to create and to test experimental treatment facility in the South Plant and to perform its field trial. ECOS developed and submitted detailed 3D design of the trial unit.

The Arabic partner carried out manufacturing and mounting of the Trial Unit with the capacity 72 m³/day. ECOS installed its branded synthetic ERSH® filling and aeration system. After testing and commissioning the Trial Unit had been in operation for 7 months. Its operation ensured the required treatment quality and proved efficiency of process solutions developed for STP improvement. Trial Unit operation and laboratory analysis were performed by the South Plant stuff.