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Improvement of Al-Jazeeerah Sewage Treatment Plant in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Client: Ministry of Water and Electricity of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Year of completion: 2006
Industry sector: Municipal Economy
Capacity, m3/day: 5 000
Capacity range: 1200 - 5000
Purpose of equipment: Sanitary wastewater treatment

Riyadh is Saudi Arabia capital situated in the middle of the country with its 4.3 million population.

Al-Jazeerah STP is designed for 3 000 mᶟ/day capacity, but actual influent volume was 5 000 mᶟ.

Improvement of Al-Jazeeerah Sewage Treatment Plant in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Project task was to lower SS and BOD indices from 30 mg/l to 10 mg/l, so the target
efficiency was defined as 
67-70 % with the capacity of 5 000 mᶟ/day.

ECOS proposed to Client correction of the process chart and application at the final treatment stage of Anthracite-Ersh Filters type AEF-60 specially designed, manufactured and installed by ECOS specialists.

After commissioning the actual treatment quality prooved to be better, than the contracted ones.

During 266 day warranty operation average influent SS and BOD indices were 41 and 42 mg/l, but the effluent SS was 9 mg and BOD 8.8 mg only.

Therefore the STP upgrading brought double effect due to introduction of innovative technology:

  1. BOD and SS treatment efficiency more, that 78%;
  2. increase of capacity for 170 %.

At the same time operation cost increase was 0.03 USD /m³ (10% only).

    Specifics of the project

    Foreign Clients use to have some specific requirements: in adition to strict complience with the design indices, detailed analysis of the applied process solutions they also demand economic efficiency of all solutions. Implementation of this Project proved that ECOS has advantage in competition with companies from Europe and North America.

    Used equipment