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Inthe modern world, when the future ofour Planet depends onthe level ofprogress, care ofnatural resources isextremely important. Waste water treatment isamong the significant issues inthe todays agenda. Engineering and process solutions proposed byECOS are able not only tominimize undesirable emissions towater basins and atmosphere, but also toremarkably reduce Clients expenditures offinance and energy.

The main sewage treatment methods are:

Physical-chemical method. Itincludes mechanical screening stage for extraction ofbig size waste, grit and floating materials, and chemical treatment stage, when colloid solutions and other contaminants are destroyed with chemicals and settled. Physical-chemical method includes also different kinds offiltration: micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, nano-filtration and reverse osmosis.


Biological method. Today biological treatment isapplied tomost kinds ofindustrial and sanitary waste water containing organic and biogenic contaminants. This type oftreatment isbased onability ofsome bacteria todecompose organic materials and biogenic elements toelementary substances like water, carbon dioxide and other simple chemical elements. This sewage treatment process nature ismineralization oforganics. Inother words, wecall Nature for help, and contaminations are destroyed byOxygen and bacteria. Atthis stage our experts work onselection ofmicro-organisms and creation offavorable conditions for its living and reproduction. ECOS sewage treatment plants ensure high quality oftreated water, allowing discharge toFirst class fishery ponds.

Isitpossible touse only one method for high quality treatment? Aspractice shows, physical-chemical method can provide the required removal ofcontaminations. Atthe same time biological method ismore natural and safe for the environment and the important thing itismuch more cheap. From the other side, presence ofsome kinds ofsuspended materials and poisonous chemicals (pesticides) insewage effluent from industrial plants kills micro-organisms available atthe biological treatment stage.

ECOS Company successfully combines both described methods inits sewage treatment plants. Toprovide optimal combination ofall factors isvery special task, making influence onsize ofthe treatment facilities, power consumption, efficiency and cost. ECOS iscapable tofind the optimal solution dueto:

  1. skills and experience ofits engineers who can use the scientific research results for development ofthe most efficient combination oftreatment processes;
  2. ability ofupgrading the existing treatment facilities inaddition toconstruction ofnew ones, and therefore reducing negative impact onthe environment;
  3. treatment facilities installed byECOS operate with minimum harm tothe environment and atthe same time provide saving ofcapital cost and energy.