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Company structure

ECOS is group of companies with well defined organization structure headed by engineering enterprise called ZAO ECOS Company.

The Group products and services are sold in water supply and waste water treatment markets under unified trade mark named after the Engineering Company.

ZAO ECOS Company has its permanently operating branches supporting Company presence in several regions of the Russian Federation.

Sochi Branch

Company Office in the city of Sotchi includes: Sales and Marketing Center; Projects Coordination Center; Research Development Department.

Moscow Branch

Moscow Branch includes Sales Department responsible for development of Company projects in the Central Region of Russia and in the foreign countries.

Sanct-Petersburg Branch

Company Branch in the city of Sanct-Petersburg supports Company activities in the North-West Region of Russia. The Branch includes Sales Department and Technical Department for provision of technical support to Company partners among design enterprises in Sanct-Petersburg and Leningrad Province.

Novocherkassk Branch

All Company industrial activity is based in the city of Novocherkassk, Rostov Province. Specialized activities are performed by Company affiliates as follows:

  • manufacturing of branded equipment; construction and installation works;
  • after sale services, operation and maintenance of Company branded equipment;
  • supply of process equipment and automatic control systems;
  • design of water supply and sewage treatment systems.

Company has its representation offices in several foreign countries engaged in implementation of international projects and procurement of equipment from European countries, as follows:

  • office in Prague, Czech Republic;
  • office in Aktau, the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • office in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.