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Block-modular equipment

Today ECOS offers to the market more, than 20 kinds of branded equipment used in local projects for domestic, industrial, surface (storm) and mixed waste water treatment, fresh water treatment, sludge dewatering, liquids pumping and storage.

All this equipment is fabricated by ECOS in-house manufacturing facilities.

Specially designed plant for manufacturing of modular package units occupies 2000 m3 area with outdoor mounting area and enables to carry out continuous flow-line fabrication.

The plant is furnished with material handling equipment, metal processing and cutting machines, highly productive welding machines.

Consequent process operations, starting from metal cutting and welding of metal frames to final plating of package units followed by installation of process equipment take place inside one building, and therefore product manufacturing time is remarkably reduced.

Stainless steel items are also fabricated by special in-house workshop equipped with high-tech welding and processing machines.

Stock of materials and components in the storage facilities provides another competitive advantage, and gives opportunity to offer Company Clients extremely short terms of supply.

Engineering design office adjacent to manufacturing plant elaborates solid modules of fabricated units as a base for further development of design drawings. Detailed engineering design aimed at provision of strength and stiffness for fabricated units gives at the same time possibility of developing optimal solutions for better usability and more comfortable operation and maintenance of fabricated units.

Special test system for incoming materials and equipment, finished product quality control system and factory testing ensure reliability of our products.