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Composite products

Basing on Company own solutions and leading international experience ECOS commissioned in 2010 in-house production facility for fabrication of items from glass reinforced plastic (GRP). This achievement enabled to remarkably enlarge the range of ECOS products and also to offer its Clients improved quality level of its branded fresh water and waste water treatment equipment. It is worth mentioning that ECOS GRP plant was the first one in the South Federal Region and therefore it opened new prospects for our partners.

European technology

ECOS has applied process of machine winding of glass fiber as reinforcing material combined with polyester resins basing on state-of-the art experience of its colleagues from Europe who have been operating at this market for more, than two generations. High-tech equipment is used of Finland and USA origin, and only best raw materials from well-known world leaders in this industry. Our process engineers and operation staff have been trained by European experts, and quality control is performed by independent laboratories and testing centers.

Product line

Among the most remarkable advantages of items fabricated from GRP we can indicate high strength at relatively low weight, outstanding corrosion resistance, waterproofing, — all this resulted in prolonged service life.

Today ECOS GRP products line includes:

  • ERSH Series Biological Treatment Plants
  • On-Surface Storm Water Treatment Plants
  • Complete Sewage Pump Stations according to Client’s dimensions
  • Complete Boost Pump Stations according to Clients dimensions
  • Fire Fighting Pump Stations according to Clients dimensions
  • GRP Tanks and Vessels