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New Products Development Center

We†are constantly searching for the best and offer our Clients only well proved process solutions. With the purpose of†development of†new products and improvement of†the existing ones we†have established our own Advanced Development Center (ADC) and it†became a†pride of†ECOS Company. The main Center element†ó Advanced Development Division†ó is†located in†ECOS headquarters in†Sotchi. Its goal is†Company progress, upgrading of†its equipment on†the base of†innovation engineering solutions.

ADC†is community of†interns, graduates from technical and engineering universities, and highly experienced professionals, forming together ever winning combination of†innovation and expertise.

Another ADC strong element is†its industrial base; modern automated design systems and comprehensive engineering systems enable ADC to†carry out design works of†the most complex nature.

ADC†is working in†constant collaboration with ECOS Scientific and Technical Council. After approval of†any new project concept it†is†assigned to†ADC for detailed elaboration.

ADC experts convert the engineering idea into final accurate engineering solution, in†accordance with the existing design standards and regulations. ADC also select proper equipment and performs a†preliminary feasibility study of†the project.

After that thoroughly examined and balanced draft is†formed as†RFD (request for design), including all project details, and submitted to†the Project Department of†ECOS in†Novocherkassk City.

During the last years ADC specialists in†collaboration with Scientific and Technical Council developed and presented to†the waste water treatment market big number of†process and engineering solutions aimed at†reduction of†capital and operation cost of†STPís and its equipment.

ADC maintains close contact with the leading Russian and international manufacturers of†water and sewage treatment equipment. It†means that ECOS specialists are always well informed about up†to†date hardware and machinery designated for water and sewage treatment, sludge treatment, and new methods of†energy utilization.

To†make Clients feel comfortable at†the design and planning stage ECOS specialists have elaborated standard design solutions meeting the currently existing design norms and requirements. This is†supported by†expedient and easy arrangement of†contacts with Clientís design offices: electronic version of†standard design solutions presented for matching of†ECOS branded equipment is†placed at†company website and becomes effective after signing of†Utilization Terms Agreement. ADC experts are always ready to†give consultancy for matching of†ECOS branded equipment, or†selection of†any other required equipment, taking into consideration any Clientís wish with respect to†specification or†terms of†supply.

Among significant achievements reached by†ADC and ECOS Design Department during the last year we†can name as†follows:

  • Upgrading of†Lazarevskiye STP of†35000 m³/day capacity in†Sotchy (under Federal State Program)
  • Construction of†50000 m³/day STP in†Nefteyugansk
  • Construction of†water supply and waste water collection and treatment systems in†more, than 15†camps established under Olympics Program for construction of†Combined railway and highway Adler-Krasnaya Polana (Alpica Mountain Resort).

Besides, ECOS is†participating on†regular base in†bids for construction of†water supply and sewage treatment projects in†Russia and abroad.