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Scientific and Technical Council

Today ECOS owns more, than 50 patents for unique developments in waste water treatment. Company activity aims at continuous upgrading and improvement of its equipment. Our Clients obtain best quality at minimum price of purchasing and operation of any STP manufactured by ECOS. Clients obtain best quality at minimum price of purchasing and operation of any STP manufactured by ECOS.

Scientific and Technical Council has been successfully functioning in ECOS for more, than 20 years. Our STP’s are considered as unique and being far ahead of our competitors equipment due to the ideas and solutions developed by this Council. Basing on the results of scientific and technical research ECOS introduced several innovation process and design solutions which provide high quality of treated sanitary waste water of various concentrations. This in particular allows to discharge the effluent water to First class fishery ponds.

Scientific and Technical Council is supervised by Chief Scientific Consultant Dr. Mikhail ZUBOV, Ph.D in Technical Sciences, Honored Inventor of the Soviet Union. The Council includes number of professors, generally recognized experts in waste water treatment, among them Dr. Josef ROZHDOV, Dr. Nikolay KULIKOV, Dr. Nikolay SERPOKRYLOV. In addition to them Scientific and Technical Council meetings are attended by directors of ECOS engineering departments.

All new technical solutions and original designs are put in manufacturing only after examination and approval by the Council. This ensures quality and reliability of the applied processes, methods and ECOS branded equipment.

ECOS Scientific and Technical Council cooperates with the Academy Institute of Microbiology named after S. Vinogradskiy under Russian Academy of Sciences. One of the last joint researches was devoted to using of Anammox bacteria in waste water treatment processes.

Development and testing of new process solutions for industrial and sanitary waste water treatment is carried out in the city of Sotchi, and this allows to accelerate introduction of new methods in design and manufacturing.

Among important results of Scientific and Technical Council functioning is ECOS permanent participation in various forums, workshops, conferences and exhibitions in Russia and abroad, including those devoted not only to water supply and waste water treatment problems, but also to urgent ecology issues. Engineering solutions developed by ECOS have been awarded with numerous diplomas and notes of thanks.