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Searching for new optimal solutions isone ofECOS basic principles. There are always ways toimprovement. And with this purpose weinvest inscience and research development, look for better feedback from our customers. This task isperformed inECOS bysolid tandem ofthe Scientific-Technical Council and Research Development Center.

When wedevelop new products and improve the existing ones weare acting very carefully and offer our Clients only well tested technology. This isconfirmed bybig number ofpatents, diplomas and positive reports, and also bymore than 300 successfully implemented projects inRussia and abroad.

Founder ofECOS Company Dr. Mikhail Zubov, Ph.D inTechnical Sciences, Honored Inventor ofthe Soviet Union always confirms that one ofthe Company top priorities isdevelopment ofhigh technology ideas and solutions inecology engineering, and paving the way topractical implementation ofnew ideas. This task isproved bytens ofadvanced up-to-date package type STP and potable water treatment plants models developed and set inserial production.

Many specialists are engaged indevelopment ofnew solutions and unique designs. Scientific-Technical Council and Research Development Center permanently generate original ideas and solutions. During one year only— 2009 they finalized two fundamentally new designs: cost saving ERSH Series Bio-Chemical Sewage Treatment Plant and New Generation «Megapolis» Zero Emission Sewage Treatment Plant.

Predominant view says that modern products based oninnovation are complicated and, asaresult, are expensive. ECOS isfollowing another rule. Wedevelop new designs not only with the purpose tosatisfy all Client’s requirements and tomeet high ecology standards and regulations, but also toreduce material and energy costs atboth stages: STP construction and STP operation.

Company isinpermanent search ofnew engineering solutions, aswell asnew methods ofcooperation with its Clients. Our specialists offer well tested standard STP designs, and atthe same time they are ready tofit the design toClients specific needs, topropose the best terms ofproject construction and operation. Inaddition weoffer modern follow upmeasures atall stages ofproject implementation, starting from design and assembly works; our customers can even observe their STP manufacturing through Internet.