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ECOS Company is one of the leading companies specialized in water supply and waste water treatment. More, than 20 years Company has been performing design works, manufacturing and operation of water and sewage treatment equipment.

Year 1990 — establishment of Scientific and Production Enterprise «ECOS»;

— creation of Scientific and Technical Council;

— performance of scientific researches in water and sewage treatment fields;

Year 1991 — development of prefabricated package type sewage treatment plants of «ERSH» series operating on the base of immobilized micro-flora with ERSH (brush-like) synthetic filling;

Year 1993 — registration of patents for waste water treatment processes and equipment;

— over 140 inventions in water and sewage treatment;

Year 1997 — scientific, engineering, production activities; rendering of consultancy and engineering services for housing and communal projects;

Year 1998 — reorganization to engineering company;

Year 2000 — implementation of projects in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District under EBRD Program;

Year 2002 — starting of ECOS Planning and Design Office;

Year 2003 — establishment of Non-Commercial Partnership «ECOS Company» composed from establishments specialized in housing and communal services;

Year 2004 — opening of ECOS branches in Sanct-Petersburg and Novocherkassk, Rostov Province;

Year 2005 — starting of ECOS manufacturing plants;

— over 150 implemented water and sewage treatment projects;

Year 2006 — international market entry, implementation of projects in Saudi Arabia;

— obtaining of ISO 9001 Certificate;

— ECOS is nominated as Leader of Environment Protection Activity in Russia;

Year 2007 — ECOS is Leader of Environment Protection Activity in Russia;

Year 2009 — reorganization of Non-Commercial Partnership into Closed Corporation; Company stuff exceeds 160 employees;

— starting of new manufacturing plant for fabrication of modular package equipment;

— cooperation with «MOST Construction Company» in implementation of projects for 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi (construction of combined Adler highway and railway);

— market presentation of cost-efficient product: new typified family of modular package STP units «ERSH» series, open version;

— opening of branch in Moscow;

Year 2010 — launch of innovative project— Zero Emission Sewage Treatment Plants called «Megapolis»;

— starting of new production facility for fabrication of items from Glass Reinforced Plastic;

— opening of foreign representation offices in Czech Republic (Prague), Republic of Kazakhstan (Aktau) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh);

Year 2011 — market development (Turkey, Czech, Oman, Kazakhstan);

— starting of ECOS own Design Institute in Rostov-on-Don;

— fabrication of package plants for storm waste water treatment;

— over 300 implemented projects.