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About Company

ECOS Company mission

Our aim is to assist in development of our Clients business by making their investments in ecology profitable.

How we see the concept of market development

Environment protection and decrease of negative human impact on Nature are considered nowadays among the most urgent problems. In Russia the main regulation role in this respect still belongs to the government bodies, and their basic action method is increasing of penalties and execution of more and more tough surveillance and control measures towards economic players. Unfortunately, such approach does not stimulate improvement of quality of related equipments and services.

To our opinion, private commercial enterprises and not government clients will be the main development engine at the market of water supply and waste water treatment equipments and services during the next 5-10 years. Water supply and waste water treatment systems can be transferred fr om money-loosing ballast plaguing our Clients main business to new profitable opportunities in their projects. While this transfer is in process, the market expectations will be focused on:

  • Reduction of space occupied by water supply and waste water collection and treatment facilities, reduction of sanitary protected zone;
  • Reduction of construction cost, optimization of ownership expenses;
  • Development of water recycling systems;
  • Upgrading of reliability of water facilities.

Today we are ready to meet the new requirements, and thereby ensure our presence in the new market segments and expand the market borders.


Key values of ECOS Company : reliability, openness, innovation formed the base of our past, created our presence and guide us to the future. These key values give us advantage in competition and help us to keep our leading position in ever changing circumstances.


Compliance with our commitments is the Company top priority. Reliability of our process methods, prominence given to quality of component parts, permanent quality control of our branded products, Company own testing, commissioning and operation service departments, after sale service system – these are the main distinctive features whish allow, as we think, to qualify ECOS as reliable partner.

We always seek the best optimal solutions and offer our clients only well tested and use-proven process methods. We thoroughly elaborate our new products and improve the existing ones, because we have come to the market seriously and for a long time. We believe in long term relationship, and this is another reason why we are so much committed to our obligations.


One of the basic principles of the Company policy is our ability to listen to opinions of our customers, to be aware of their needs and goals, to offer the most profitable solutions to them with guaranteed result. We are always open to partnership and ready for close collaboration. Our specialists develop new solutions and improve the existing ones on the base of knowledge and experience accumulated from such partnership.

This approach requires competence, experience, flexibility, awareness of the working process wh ere our Client is involved. Openness and offering of solutions supported by firm guarantee are among our priority tasks.


We are convinced that there is always place for improvement. Improvement of organization, improvement of products, methods and technology. For this reason we make investments in scientific research and advanced development, we seek a feedback from the customers.

Spirit of innovation is an integral part of ECOS Company image, one of our basic business elements. It is the motive power which brought us to the leading position in the industry.